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I’m a product designer who specializes in user experience and visual design. Scroll down to learn more!

My name is Johannes and I’m a user experience designer currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. My drive as a designer and problem solver is to transform visions and ideas into desirable, usable and smart digital products.

My passion for design, aesthetics, human behaviour and technology led me to receive degrees in both product development and interaction design. The combination of these fields gave me a strong strategic design thinking which I daily utilize in my work to pinpoint and transform business missions, user values and objectives to efficient and desirable design solutions.

In my work I emphasize a user-centered approach to get a deeper understanding of the user needs and the problems at hand. With the help of interviews, workshops, user flows, interactive prototypes and usability testing I make sure my products are not only intuitive and powerful solutions but also inviting and enticing experiences!

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