Honeycomb is an Applicant Tracking System which is comprehensive application whose purpose is to handle everything related to the hiring process: From advertising new job positions, to managing a large number of applicants and their data throughout the recruitment procedure. Special focus was given to the sharing and storage of supplemental data collected throughout the hiring process, so the recruitment team has a common understanding of why decisions are taken. Sign up for a trial at to check out the product.


Software Skills

Project role

UX Designer / UI Design


June, 2016


A problem within large organisations is bureaucracy that often limit partners and retailers to take on smaller, local initiatives. The client was thus in need of a solution that would allow retailers and partners to manage local marketing campaigns without permission from upper management. Campaign Generator allows retailers within a brand to easily create and send on brand campaigns to local customers. The brand guidelines are ensured by professional designers that feeds the system with designs which are requested from upper management. Local retailers can in turn edit and adjust content within certain limits before it's sent to the printer shop.


The foundation for the concept and ideation phase was set through conducting interviews and customer journey mapping with the stakeholders. The customer journey map was used to translate the findings into user flows within the system. The system architecture was in turn translated into lo-fidelity prototypes which was tested with users in an early stage. Feedback from the user tests was used to refine the concept. A pixel perfect design was developed with basis on the findings and tested and verified before release. The full process and it’s iterative stages are visualised in the graph below.