Hamlin is an augmented reality solution to visualize abstract concepts for science education. It is a physical device containing sensors to measure and transmit visualizations of invisible forces of nature such as sound, thermodynamics and electromagnetism to student’s personal smart phones. Read more on our promotional page



Project role

UX Design / Front-End


December, 2015


Kattegattgymnasiet acknowledged issues with declining attention, motivation and understanding among its students. The principal was therefore in search for technical tools that could support education in various ways. Kattegattgymnasiet had no idea of how to turn this trend around and came to us for help with finding a concept that could help them solve the concern.


Through research and interviews with students and teachers we found that one of the subjects regarded especially difficult is physics. Physics introduce many abstract concepts with limited visual representations, simplified examples and illustrations are often used to convey natural phenomena, yet inaccurate explanations of how forces behave in reality. Flawed mental models and false perceptions of fact can cause complications when applying simplified theory to reality. The Hamlin concept was developed with the intention to support understanding of how reality operate and offer adaptation and exploration to the students individual needs. The physical device is designed to support teaching and demonstration of various phenomena in real time with the intention to support direct linking between reality and visualization. Test results showed that by using personal phones, comparatively to using a common display resulted in deeper exploration in a pace suited for the individual. The visuals where designed with support of physics teachers and the school curriculum. The design was tested and adjusted, in parallel to the development team’s implementation of the concept, by conducting test and interviews with students.

A prototype was implemented and presented at Lindholmen Visual Arena.