Bella stellaria

Bella Stellaria is an entertaining and engaging strategy board game for the whole family. Take command of a fleet of starcrafts and secure the future of humankind. Explore, expand, and eliminate your foes. Take advantage of the uncertainties of space, but beware of hidden dangers. You are the representative of one of the Big Six, massive organisations, venturing out from a dying Earth to occupy Kepler-22B. But you are not alone. Others are on the same quest. In order to succeed you will have to engage in thrilling space combat, use the resources you capture from your enemies and use them to expand your fleet of spacecrafts, and move ever closer to your goal of colonization!


Chalmers University

Project role

UX Design / UI Design


December, 2015


A project in the field of gameplay design was carried out with the aim to practice the various stages in a game development process. The challenge was to design a play style that possessed harmony between the aspects of entertainment, engagement, and balance in the gameplay experience for a specific target group by combining and invent core game mechanics, unique gameplay patterns and background story.


Researching popular games aimed towards the designated target group yielded in an understanding of aspects and game mechanics that are important for certain genres to succeed. By analyzing a handful of the most popular video and board games, an understanding of what core mechanics and features they shared emerged. In the ideation phase popular game mechanics such as zero-sum, resource management, area control and other mechanics where tested to create an engaging and balanced gameplay experience. Several rounds of playtesting and prototyping was conducted to gain undertanding of how the game unfold under certain conditions. The iteration process resulted in adjustments in game mechanics, rules, start settings, and winning conditions, to to enhance the desired experience. Moreover the process consisted of everything between designing the learning curve of the game, the visual layout of the board, to writing of the rule book.