Car pool

CarPool is a management application for carpooling which targets car retailers and rentals. The application handles scheduling of services, test drives, car hires, and promotional events.


Volkswagen Group Sweden

Project role

UX Design / UI Design


September, 2016


The client requested a management system that overviews and handles a vast number of carpools on a local level as well as international. The application is designed for the whole sales chain, from the local sales representatives to international business coordinators to support business planning, as well as local test drives, hires, and services.


The team conducted interviews with various stakeholders, such as sales representatives, receptionists, and retail management staff. The information was summarized in an effect diagram where the team could overview the needs of users and stakeholders. This data was used to develop an initial prototype which was tested by a group of users. The observations and feedback from the user test were used to refine both the design and the list of requirements. A high fidelity version was developed on the basis of the collective findings. Throughout the development process, a selected number of users were given access to the application with the purpose of giving feedback for design choices. Over the course of two months, the design was tested, iterated, and refined based on the findings.